Specification structure generated by Z Word Tools

Guide to the Z Word Tools

The Z Word tools are a collection of tools for editing, checking and using Z specifications within Microsoft Word. This page is a guide to information about the tools.

This Web Site

This web site is an introduction for potential users and also gives some information about the rationale and intended use of the tools. It contains

  1. An introduction explaining what the tools are and what they are for.
  2. Details of system requirements for using the tools
  3. Answers to frequently asked questions (well, to be honest, they haven’t really been asked very often yet, but they might be).
  4. Information about projects using the tools.

For more information, a good place to start is the extensive help file, which contains example documents and tutorials.

The SourceForge Project

The tools are made available through a project on SourceForge. This provides

  1. A download of the tools. They come with a help file that leads you through initial use and explains each feature in detail. It also includes a troubleshooting guide that describes common problems and their solutions. There are tutorials on the main features of the tools.
  2. A Mailing list. This is intended for help requests and general discussion about the tools. If you need help or want to discuss any aspect of the tools you can mail the list.
  3. A Feature Request tracker. This is to submit and track requests for enhancements to the tools.
  4. A Bug tracker. You can use this to find known bugs and report new ones, and to encourage me to fix them more quickly...

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